HS Physical Education

The school year is almost ending. This quarter the high school PE classes are focusing on “Kickball”.   Students are learning the mechanics of playing kickball as well as the rules of playing the game. The classes have been introduced to the basic movements of playing kickball; running, kicking and catching the ball. After the kickball season is over, the badminton season will begin.

Students participated in the PASS badminton tournament April 11 – 13,  2019 and are getting ready to participate in badminton and cross country at IISSAC April 26-28 at Wesley school in Malang.

In swimming classes, students are learning water basketball and breast stroke. There was a swim meet on April 6th at the SIS pool. Students in kinder to grade 12 participated in various races against Surabaya European School. The swimmers conducted themselves with great sportsmanship and continued to improve their swimming skills. The IISSAC swimming competition will be on 26-28 April at our school. 

HS Bahasa Indonesia

In Term 1, the Advanced Bahasa class explored the topic of National Heroes. They got to know many important heroes from Indonesia’s history and learned about their legacy. At the end of the term, they focused their study on Kartini, the incredible woman who fought for the education of women in Indonesia.

Students read a collection of Kartini’s letters and tried to empathize with how she felt that time as a woman who was denied formal education in the late 19th century Indonesia. They wrote reflections and short biographies of her her life. The framed biographies of Kartini are now decorating the Bahasa Indonesia classroom.

In Term 2, students learned about Social Issues in Indonesia. They chose the issues they wanted to highlight and explained what has been done by the government and private sectors to address them. One of our students researched and discussed about the very important topic, Drought Response in Gresik Regency while another student looked into the HIV Infection Prevention program in North Sumatra. They analyzed the solutions and pointed out which part they believed was not efficient or effective. At last, they presented their ideas about changes they could implement to make the efforts better.  As students presented their topics, they answered questions and demonstrated mastery of their topics.

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