Tech Skills Blossom in EC 4: Caterpillar Coding and Mouse Mastery

It is an exciting time in the computer lab for EC 3 and EC 4. EC 4 students has started developing their technology skills by learning coding and problem solving using Caterpillar. This is a simple robot where young students have to figure out how to solve a problem by giving instruction to the Caterpillar to move straight, left, or right. EC 4 students also have fun building their tech skills by learning about computers and practicing their mouse skills on the computer. For second semester, the EC 4 students will continue to build hand-and-eye coordination as well as their motoric skills to control the mouse so they can learn and do more activities using the computer. 

In the first semester, the EC 3 students have been slowly introduced to technology at school such as computers and projector. This week the EC 3 students started using the Caterpillar to learn coding and problem solving. In pairs, the three years old have to figure out what the arrows and sign do for the Caterpillar. They had so much fun figuring out and playing with it.

Digital Art Flourishes in Grade 3: How We Express Ourselves through Technology

Grade 3 students had an enjoyable time creating digital artwork using the computer for their latest UOI – How We Express Ourselves. In the computer lab, students learned about computer generative art and used to create their own generative computer artwork. They read about Pablo Picasso and created digital artwork following his style. The third graders used their imagination and creative ideas to create 3D artwork and printed it out using the 3D printer. 

Grade 4 students have been learning about migration in their latest UOI – Where We Are in Place and Time. They learned about how and why people migrate and then they created their own story. This year, they used Pixton to create a comic to show the challenge and journey of immigrants. 

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