High School Mandarin

Time flies, the Chinese online course has been running for more than a month. In our online learning time, high school students practice their Chinese language skills in different ways. Teaching and learning have moved from the classroom to the computer screen, and what used to be done mostly with paper and pen is now more often done with computers. 

There is more typing of Chinese characters to improve literacy and spelling. A lot of homework that used to be done with a pen is now done with a computer keyboard. This is a completely different experience, which not only improves the efficiency of online learning but also conforms to the development of modern science and technology. Of course, this does not mean that the writing of Chinese characters is no longer necessary, students still have some writing exercises for Chinese characters.

More oral expression and text reading improve students’ oral organization ability. The reading of the text and the oral expression of the assignment not only enhance the students’ sense of the Chinese language but also train their oral organizing ability. It is the best way to train the language expression to say the new content in Chinese in one’s own thoughts.

Although there are many differences between traditional Chinese teaching and learning, students still experience the fun of learning and achieve the goal of language practice through our new online learning format.

Middle School French

We have entered the 7th week for online learning. However, we all hope for the best in the face of a global pandemic from the coronavirus outbreak. We must keep thinking positive and hope that the coronavirus outbreak will end soon.

Regarding learning French, students and I continue to run the lessons in accordance with the applicable material and curriculum, as best as we possibly can through video conferencing on Zoom and Google classroom. This is my last newsletter about the learning activities of my Middle School students in French classes for this school year.

In online learning, we do more exercises verbally, and of course, there are also writing exercises for students’ assignments.

Here are some photos and video of online learning with my Middle School students. It has been a great year with them!

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