A glimpse into Elementary Art

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our school was unable to host our annual Elementary Art Show.  However, thanks to the wonders of technology, the elementary art show 2020 edition was shared with community virtually.  One of the highlights of the annual art show is that it celebrates our young artists and shows their artistic growth. The elementary students represent their creativity using different art media such as pencil, pastels, crayons, markers, painting, printing, ceramic, and sculpture. They also use a variety of different techniques to produce their artwork: crayon resist, pointillism, perspective drawing, and drawing from observation, to name a few.  They created a lot of artwork demonstrating their understanding of the principles and the elements of art.

Students rely on their own perception of the world as they develop their imagination through art. They express how they feel and explore new ways to use materials through their artwork as they begin to understand that their individuality is appreciated and their creativity flourishes.

Students have continued their art study through this time of online learning.  As seen in the accompanying pictures, students are working hard to continue their learning and express their creativity in unique ways. 

Thank you to everyone all who continue to support our elementary school artists. We are so proud of each of our students and love to see the beautiful work of our young artists.

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