High School Physical Education

Our High School Physical Education classes have started positively in this new academic year. High School students from Grade 9 and 10 have been fully engaged in the lessons and have proved themselves to be excellent learners. This has been great to see and we look forward to this continuing throughout the semester. 

The High School classes meet once a week for PE and once a week for Swimming.  In all lessons, students engage in warm up activities, stretching, and learn through practical activities; how to work together as a team. During the first quarter, students have been learning about Soccer and Volleyball and have been working on improving their skills and abilities in these sports. Students also have the opportunity to actively participate in team matches. In the Swimming classes, students have been focusing on freestyle, which is one of the many swim strokes they will learn this year.

In addition to the regularly scheduled PE classes, High School students are able to participate in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Ping Pong, Badminton, and other sports during their daily lunch recess.  The SIS pool is used for the ASA: Beginner Swimming and also for the regular Swim Team. Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Soccer teams make use of the gymnasium and field after school throughout the week. 

Middle School Theater Arts

Grade 6 have enthusiastically embraced the subject area of Theater Arts in the Secondary School and have been keen to be actively involved in the ensemble in a range of class activities. The group have begun their studies with an Introduction to Drama unit and have learned some basic conventions and components of the subject; inclusive of Freeze Frame, Character Hot Seat and some of the Elements of Drama, such as Role, Relationship, Time and Place. During the unit, students have created interesting and imaginative group devised role plays, based on the studied elements of theatre; thus exhibiting much creativity and the ability to be risk takers in the process.

The exploration of stagecraft skills in performance has been a major focus in the unit. In scripted work, students identified important ways to become another character on the stage, which was then put into practice, through oral activities and through class discussion. This has enabled students to prepare for their next assessment: Character Interview.

Students are currently working on the creation of their own famous characters in a fictional television program for a staged interview. Students have been given the task of writing and performing their scripted interview to a live audience. The creation of a character and the expression of emotion will be explored throughout the process. I am sure that the Grade 6 students will rise to this challenge and will demonstrate much imaginative thinking throughout the remaining part of the unit.

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