Fostering Healthy Habits: Our Approach in “How We Organize Ourselves” Unit

In our current Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, EC 2 is inquiring into their Central Idea:  The food we eat gives us nutrients, energy, and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As educators we have a responsibility to promote a healthy eating environment,  teaching children about healthy eating through discussion, question, games, art, and activities. We pass the information about healthy eating along to parents.

In this unit, we are discussing different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Students become risk takers as they show a willing to try new foods. Students have the opportunity to explore, observe, and investigate fruits and vegetables at our invitation tables.  A popular table is the Making Fun No-Cook Creations. They help to cut the fruit, and make fruit salad or juice.  Students explore our school grounds, and discover fruits around the school on our nature walks.

Students show they are knowledgeable when they recognize some of the names of fruits and vegetables.  During food tastings, students showed they were balanced when they sat at the table to participate rather run around the classroom.  They also are beginning to choose healthy snack for their snack.

Active Living for Healthy Lifestyles: PE, Daily Mile, and Fruity Fridays

Healthy food gives us energy to maintain our healthy lifestyle.  We also keep active during PE activities and during our collaboration with Kindergarten by joining “ The Daily Mile”.  The Daily Mile is simple.  It provides students the opportunity to see children run or jog for 15 minutes or less everyday.  We enjoy running and enjoy being active outside. We continued with “ Fruity Friday”.  We explored and enjoyed some fruit together. Students developed their curiosity when they used their senses (touch, sight, smell, and taste) to explore different types of fruit and they were really enthusiastic. 

Explore creative ways to encourage healthy eating with ideas from Healthy Little Foodies.

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