SIS Hosts IISSAC Swim 2019: A Year of Preparation Pays Off

SIS recently hosted IISSAC Swim 2019. This is the biggest IISSAC event with over a hundred swimmers from six different schools. The preparations for this event started about a year ago. All the hard work paid off as we were able to host a successful swim event. There were some challenges and hiccups but it was a resounding success nonetheless.

Beyond the Pool: Badminton and Cross Country Victories

All the SIS swimmers competed at a high level and represented our school very well. Twenty one of our swimmers were able to bag medals. Our girls team finished 2nd overall while our boys team finished 5th. The SIS Swim Team finished 3rd overall.

While we were hosting IISSAC Swim, our Badminton Team and Cross Country were busy competing at Wesley International School. Our Girls Badminton team was crowned the over-all champion with each member bagging individual medals.

Both the boys and girls cross country teams placed 2nd overall. Several of our our runners were able to get individual medals as well.

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