Badminton Domination: PASS & IISSAC Success

The school year is almost over. This quarter, the PE middle school classes have focused on Badminton.  Students are learning the mechanism of playing badminton and the rules of the game. The classes were introduced to the basic movements of playing, racket handling, footwork, backhand service, forehand and swinging an overhand racket.  Students participated in the PASS badminton tournament in preparation for the IISSAC badminton and cross-country April 26-28 at Wesley school in Malang. 

Both teams, Boys and Girls, did great work during the tournament. The matches were very exciting, including the  final round against the home team, Wesley. We won four points from five matches. We are happy that the girls team maintained their run as champions. The girls won five individual medals: four individual gold medals, and one individual silver medal.  The girls also won the championship this year.  Congratulations to our badminton players.  

We also want to extend many thanks to the athletes and our coaches for their dedication and commitment to our SIS cross-country team!  Both girls and boys Cobras took second place overall at IISSAC Cross Country Meet at Wesley School in Malang! Congratulations !!

In the swimming class, students have been studying water volleyball and breaststroke.

French Final Projects: Conversations Come Alive

As we know, the second semester of the academic year will soon end. However, by the end of May, my French High School students will have already presented their end-of-semester projects, which will be considered as their final exam.

As for the final exam, students will have to compose a good conversation in French according to one of the themes proposed by the teacher. Once the script of the dialogue is finished, they will have to put this script in role-play, which will be recorded in video.

Here are some themes proposed to students for their role-play:

  1. At the travel agency
  2. At the reception of a luxury hotel
  3. At the hospital
  4. Looking for a job
  5. Planning a long vacation
  6. Organizing a surprise party

At the end of the school year, students in French 1 know how to express their ideas with different tenses: past, present and future. They also know how to use the appropriate object pronouns. They can handle a simple conversation in French.

As for students in French 2, they learn more extensive French grammar as well as new vocabulary and expressions. They can engage more broadly in their conversation about daily life.

For students in French 3, they have already learned two-thirds of French grammar. Of course, they also learned more extensive vocabulary and expressions. They can engage in a broader conversation using French.

Overall, all students have already made progress in their French through the four language domains:  listening, reading, writing and speaking during the school year. They learn not only grammar, vocabulary and expressions, but also the French culture through cooking, music and movies.

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