In the English classes, students have been discovery and exploring the world of poetry. Through poetry from around the world, students have been learning more about language, rhythm, rhyme and word choice.

By writing poetry student explore language in a different way than through reading or writing essays. Poetry requires one to stop and think about each word: does it fit the rhyme scheme, the syllable count, the rhythm? Is this the very best word for what is being described? Through poetry, a writer gets to play with the language in a more hands-on way.

Not only does poetry help students in their language development, it also helps them work through issues and topics. Students in the middle school have been writing poems about geographical areas they are studying, giving them a chance to apply their learning in social studies to the English classroom.

There are also many different styles of poetry. This year in British literature, students have tried out Shakespearean sonnets, and have come to appreciate the work and wordsmithing the fourteen-line poems require. They have also examined William Blake’s work and emulated it in their own. Students in grades 8 and 9 have worked with anacrostics, haikus and concrete poetry.

To showcase all of these efforts, the library and English department collaborated on a bulletin board. Ms. Pam created a beautiful tree and then found the creative title of “Poetree.” The students’ poems were then displayed. Each one is example of growth and creation – just like the leaves of a tree. Stop by anytime and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

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