Global School Play Day at SIS: Unleashing Creativity and Fun!

On Monday, 12 February, SIS students from Early Childhood through Secondary School took time to participate in Global School Play Day!  Students were invited to bring in toys from home.  The only restriction was that they were not allowed to bring in toys requiring batteries or electricity.  It was a device-free day!

Creative Playtime: From Forts to Make-Believe Worlds

Students got creative with the toys they brought to school.  Students brought blankets and pillows and made forts in their classrooms.  They brought Lego, blocks, and trucks.  Students had boxes that became make-believe cars, houses, and huts.

They brought puzzles or spent time drawing or reading.  Some students even brought inline skates, bicycles, and scooters.  There are opportunities for indoor and outdoor play.  All playtime was unstructured, organized by students, and directed by students.

The Importance of Unstructured Play: Learning and Growing Together

Daily unstructured play is important for children of all ages.  It provides opportunities for children to use their creativity while developing their imaginations, as well as their physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.  Furthermore, unstructured play provides opportunities for students learn how to interact with their environment.  Students learn valuable problem solving skills and use those skills to overcome challenges they may face.  Finally, students learn how to interact with their peers and work together to solve conflicts.

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