High School Art Courses: Fostering Creativity Through Diverse Offerings

The SIS Art department comprises of Mr. David Michael, also known as Mr. Mike, who will be joining the community from Nigeria. He has been teaching Art for 12 years, along with the fabulous aide, Ms. Aris Susana. High School students have the opportunity to take multiple art classes throughout their high school career. This year SIS is happy to offer the following courses.

Art I (grades 9 & 10) and Art II (grade 10)

Art I and Art II courses are designed to offer students an opportunity to extend their art learning from Middle School into a more advanced curriculum that serves as both a general survey course and a preparatory course for those students who may choose to study art more in depth in later years, such as enrolling in an AP art course.  Art I and Art II are currently focusing on line, an element of art.  Art I students are concentrating their art on the work of Bridget Riley, while Art II students are working on their Extreme Perspective Drawings. 

Art Portfolio Prep (formerly known as Pre-AP Art grade 11) and AP Art (grades 11 & 12)

Fostering Creativity Through Diverse Offerings - Bridget Riley

This course is for serious art students who would like to undertake greater artistic challenges through the practice of sustained art making involving more complex compositional, technical, and conceptual problems.  It is equivalent to a first-year college art class. This course helps the student to develop a strong individual direction and gives a solid foundation for a possible major in Art at the college level.  This course is spread over 2 school years allowing students to have adequate time to create the 24+ high quality artworks that is required for the AP Studio Art Portfolio submission.  Artists are currently working small, quick assignment focusing on emphasis (a principle of art) and composition.  

Scenery and Set Design (grades 9 – 12)

The course covers the fundamentals of the process of designing for the theatre.  Learning how to “see” and developing points of view and approaches are also studied. The course will cover basic techniques of the principles and practices of scenic design for stage. Included are design functions, construction, painting, modeling, history and theories of design.  Mr. Mike will work closely with Ms. Leadbetter, the Theater Arts teacher, to coordinate scenery and props needed for the theater productions.  Currently, artists in this class are working on prop prototypes out of paper. They will soon begin creating their “real” props using various materials such as cardboard, paper mache, wood, and foam.   (Scenery and Set Design photo)


Exploring Mathematical Creativity: Engaging Minds in the Fascinating World of Math

Mathematics 6

The Grade 6 Mathematics class has had a productive start to the semester. During the last 3 weeks, the students are exploring the math concept on number sense and algebraic thinking. The main idea of this unit is to have students compute and estimate with whole numbers. Students evaluate powers and use the order of operations to evaluate expressions, including expressions that contain variables. Students also solved equations using mental math and reviewed the problem solving plan to solve real-world problems.

Mathematics 7

Students in grade 7 are learning to work with variables, expressions, and integers.  In order to help clarify, students are analyzing the real number system and are also strengthening their computational skills by practicing the order of operations.  We started out with very intricate problems and I am proud to say that they are rising to the challenge nicely.

Algebra 1

As we build their foundation in Mathematics, students have started reviewing their vocabulary and skills to prepare them for the unit on expressions, equations and functions. At the end of this unit, students will be able to write and evaluate algebraic expressions, use expressions to write equations and inequalities and represent functions as verbal rules, equations, tables and graphs. 

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