Middle School English

Grade 6 and 7: Mr. Arial

Over the past weeks, both 6th and 7th grade English Language Arts have been analyzing persuasive language in various forms of media to identify and critique the type of persuasion and to comprehend how an argument is constructed. Both groups have looked at advertising techniques in articles, television commercials, and infographics to identify such techniques as the claim, the central argument, the emotional appeal, the logical appeal, loaded language, and the effect of color and image, to determine their impression on the audience.

In conjunction with their exploration of persuasive techniques, the 7th grade just recently completed a mini-unit in which they analyzed the use of argumentative techniques in speech using Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech as a mentor text. For the summative assessment on Argument/Persuasion, the 7th graders will be putting together a persuasive advertisement. The 6th graders will be writing a skit where they use testimonials in persuasive writing. Currently, I am in the planning stages of putting together a debate for the 6th graders in which they are challenged to employ persuasive techniques to convince their audience to support their claims. Both classes are looking forward to an exciting end of the year in English Language Arts!

Grade 8: Ms. Leadbetter

The Grade 8 class have been continuing to be positive learners in the second semester in English Language Arts. The group began their studies with a unit based on short stories. Students experienced a wide range of fiction through the reading of varied materials. There were many opportunities for expressing thoughts and ideas through the avenue of group chat, full class discussions and through small group work in breakout rooms. Students also explored short stories through a number of comprehension activities and also with tasks based on the literary elements of fiction. Each short story was also looked at through the lens of non-fiction and students were asked to identify the real life topics that were evident in the given material.  

This has proven to be a strong link to our next unit on Nonfiction Research and Essay Writing. The focus of the current unit is to read and comprehend nonfiction and informational text independently. The group is also gaining knowledge of useful ways of organizing information from a nonfiction text for the preparation of writing for a research essay. These planning activities enable students to determine the central idea and supporting details of evidence to support the main topic in their reading. Students will work on a guiding question for their upcoming research essay which will enable them to be more focused with their upcoming research on their chosen topic. The final element of the unit will be to plan each part of their essay and then to write their masterpiece! It has been an absolute pleasure working with the grade 8 class in English Language Arts.

High School Civics: Ibu Wahyu

The HS PPKn classes are studying various topics. In Grade 9, the class now focuses on learning about “Globalization”. Students learn the meaning and form of globalization. They learn to recognize the characteristics and effects of globalization, as well as how to overcome the negative effects of globalization.

The Grade 10 students are now studying “Structural and Functional Relationships of Central and Local Government”. They are studying various principles of regional autonomy, and the position and role of the central and regional governments. Students are also learning about the structural and functional relationships of central and local government.

In Grades 11-12, students are studying “Threats to the State in the Framework of Unity in Diversity”. We discuss the threats to national integration. Students will learn to identify threats in the fields of IPOLEKSOSBUDHANKAM (Ideology, Politics, Economics, Socio-Culture, Defense and Security). As well as learning about community participation in overcoming various threats in building national integration.

It is great to see students show their enthusiasm as they participate in class through various activities during this online learning. They are also responsible for completing their duties. Thank you HS Students!

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