Grade Three: Discovering Artistic Expression

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! We constantly note how quickly the days, weeks, and months are flying by.  I guess that means we are having fun!

The third grade ended our year with an inquiry into How We Express Ourselves.  We learned that “An artist’s inspiration is expressed in their artwork.” We began our inquiry with a limited understanding of art to include only the visual arts. Interaction with music, dance and martial arts, literature, sculpture and so much more quickly helped to broaden our understanding.

Through the integrated language arts, the students had opportunity to reflect on sources of their own personal inspiration and to begin expressing that inspiration through poetry.  They developed this inspiration and expression by adding illustrations to accompany their poetry.

The students expressed themselves clearly and beautifully through recorder melodies and poetry at the May 3rd, ES Assembly.

The 3rd Graders took a field trip to the MaxOne art hotel.  While there they looked critically at visual arts and architecture and questioned whether the artwork was successful in communicating meaning and feeling. Then, the students had a wonderful time expressing themselves through a food-plating art activity!

Another way we continued our inquiry into art and varied methods of expression is by listening to live music from a parent presenter! We are evening growing a balanced idea of expressing our desire to play by designing and constructing a box fort!  

Have a wonderful vacation!

Grade Two: Journeying Through History – End-of-Year Recap

As the school year comes to a close, so does our last unit of inquiry called “Where We are in Place and Time”.  The central idea for this unit is “Exploration leads to discoveries and opportunities.” In this unit we studied reasons for exploration (historic and personal) (perspective), how exploration has taken place/takes place (change), and consequences of exploration (reflection).  

To help students organize their research they created a lift-the-flap book about their famous explorer. This was a fun integrated language activity and students were able to create some top-notch work! Students were able to use this during our Living Wax Museum.

Students shared their learning by creating a Living Wax Museum.  At the Wax Museum students dressed up as favorite explorers, brought props to help illustrate the major discovery or area of exploration, and then they stayed in character as they shared information about explorers and answered questions.  

We had many visitors to the wax museum! Parents, Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 5 students all visited our Museum.  Also, Ms. Kim and Ms. Desfosses were able to come by too! Students were so proud to be able to share their learning with so many people.

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