Celebrating Diversity: Exploring Similarities and Differences

EC 3 is enthusiastically learning about Who We Are, our Year Long Unit. Throughout the last two weeks, the children have been inquiring into a new line of inquiry in which they explore the similarities and differences between ourselves and others.  We began this discussion by reading the book ‘Shades of People’ which shows the diversity of people in across our globe. It not only identifies our differences, but also celebrates those differences.  We have learned that people come in lots of different shades, even in the same family. As the children further explore these differences, they have been making observations of photocopies of their hands, having discussions, and mixing colors in class. 

Curiosity in Action: Scanner Printer Adventures

After reading the book we scanned and printed the student’s hands one by one using the scanner printer during carpet time. The children were very curious as they scanned and printed their hands.  They also showed they were thinkers when they started to ask the name of the machine, how it would work and whether it would hurt their hand when they placed it on the scanner.

After printing the hands, we had an interesting discussion about similarities and differences between each print. We also counted each of the fingers on each picture and they found out that all of us have the same ten fingers. The student also discovered that we have similarities and differences in terms of shades and sizes of hands.

Discovering Uniqueness: Lessons in Resiliency and Feelings

As the children learn more about resiliency, they have been learning about feelings. They have learned about how to help others and ourselves feel better.  They have also learned about the differences that make each child unique while at the same time they can still play and have fun together.

So much of our learning happens through songs.  ‘The Story of My Feelings’ and ‘My Friend is Different So Am I’ are songs that were showcased by the children before we began our second Unit of Inquiry. EC 3 students are reflective. They explained that even with our differences in how we feel, how we act, our interests, and our appearance we can still be great friends and have fun together at school.

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