News from the Elementary School PE Department

By Pak Parno and Pak Purnomo

Elementary students returned to online learning at the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. The Physical Education department, like all classes, has worked to incorporate opportunities for meaningful student engagement in our Physical Education lessons – even when they are online. Students have found ways to be active by participating in sports from home. Students exercise regularly. During our PE classes, depending on the grade levels, each class has a different exercise routine for online learning. During our synchronous lessons, we exercise together. During our asynchronous lessons, students are asked to choose fun exercises they can do at home. Students know that if they do exercise  on a regular basis, it help the body and mind stay healthy.

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The time away from school is challenge for students, parents and teachers alike. The time away from our regular routines can become boring and at times, physical activity gets forgotten. During our PE classes, we have been happy to see our elementary students participating eagerly.

Research has proven that there are many benefits to being physically active. Apart from maintaining physical health, including increasing endurance (immunity) which is very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, exercising also benefits our mental health.

While at home, encourage opportunities for your family to exercise together to break up the routine of study activities.

Exercise needn’t be strenuous or take a lot of time. Some examples of simple exercises that can be completed during a short circuit at home include: Jumping Jacks; Jump Rope; Yoga; Sit ups; Squats; Lunges; or even just dancing to music.

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