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We’ve worked over the years to develop Library programs that have proven to be popular with our Elementary School students.  Ring & Read is a beloved tradition at SIS with the goal of sharing our reading lives and habits with the rest of the Elementary Community.

Our students come to the Library with books from home, classroom libraries, or they are given the chance to choose books from the library right before the event starts.  The ringing of our Library gong signals the beginning and the end of the 20-minute session.  Our first Ring & Read for the 2018-2019 school year was held on September 5, and the second was held October 3.  

The September session had the theme “Noisy Reading” where students chose a friend with whom to share and discuss a book.  The October theme was “Silent Reading” where the children had to read or do a picture walk independently and quietly.  The littlest readers often find it challenging to read quietly, especially at the beginning of the year, but as we continue to develop these skills, students build their stamina for reading.

Our older students come to the Library excited to have the chance to spend these precious minutes getting lost in their reading.  Ring & Read provides the chance to practice skills and behaviors that we learn during our Library lessons such as choosing good fit books, doing picture walks independently or with friends/siblings, and being considerate of other library patrons.  We are so proud of our elementary community for modeling good reading habits and behavior!


Our SIS Library makes yearly subscriptions to online resources that are a rich addition to our library collection.  We have tools for pleasure reading as well as several research platforms that can be used by all members of our community.  Our online resources include:

  • two animated educational sites
  • a curated database of children’s ebooks
  • encyclopedias that cater to all our students and one specifically for the needs of  our English Language Learners
  • reliable and up-to-date country reports on 200 cultures of the world
  • research databases for Elementary to Secondary students where they can access age-appropriate newspapers, magazines and websites, containing not only archived material, but current events and issues as well.

We hope that all the members of our community can maximize the use of our SIS Library online resources. Please visit the library for information about how to access these resources, as well as usernames and passwords. You may also email us at or for information or any questions that you may have regarding our Library services.

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EC 2

For the past two weeks, EC2 students have been excited to learn about “ How We Organize Ourselves”.  To start this unit, student inquiries have focused on I Like to Eat, Eat, Eat an inquiry into foods we eat.  Our central idea for this inquiry is: The food we eat gives us nutrients, energy, and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this unit EC 2 students develop skills of research while finding out about healthy food.  They also develop social skills while sharing healthy snacks with classmate.  In recent weeks, the class has joined in participating in the Daily Mile with Kindergarten. They are learning  the importance of eating healthy and participating in balanced activities to keep themselves healthy and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

The classroom’s inquiry environment and bulletin board support this unit.  At first glance, you can see healthy snack posters, real fruits and vegetables that help develop their sensory skills. We explore different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Students showed how they are being risk takers as they try different kinds of food too.  Students are learning that healthy snacks consist of fruits and vegetables. We talk about hygiene too, and practice how to wash hands properly.  We will also meet the school doctor and discuss the importance of the food we eat and how we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Through the learning experiences in this unit, students develop their knowledge about healthy foods.  They also learn about being balanced to take care for their mind, body and soul.

We encourages parents to support and involve children to prepare their healthy food and snacks they bring to school.  Furthermore, finding ways to be active at home can continue to reinforce what students are learning at school.

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