For the How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry (UOI) Kindergarten students explored how artists express themselves through different art forms.

At the Elementary school January Assembly the students made 4 skits that showed different arts forms – music, drama, art and dance!

During this unit we were also honoured to have guest speakers from Nepal! They explained how they, and a group of Nepalese artists, had used trash from Mount Everest and upcycled into incredible works of art. 

To complete this fun unit, Kindergarten students made the classroom in to 3 different countries and showed art forms from each.  For the Scotland area, students learnt about tartan and made their own tartans during art and computer lessons. They also drew or painted the national flower of Scotland the thistle.

For the Philippines section, Kindergarten students learnt from Ms Pam how to do the Tinik taught visitors how to the wonderful Tinikling dance using bamboo poles. 

In Nepal, visitors were able to be beautified with the traditional Nepalese hand and finger dye as well as learn about Dhaka, the traditional Nepalese cloth.


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