Aid in Action

On January 18, 2019 National Honor Society held a charity event called “Aid in Action” to help Habitat for Humanity, Pondok Kasih, Kura West Timur, and Ms. Nikmah’s family. NHS sold t-shirts and powders that people could use on the color run day, and sent out pledge letters to the students so they could raise money by having their own sponsors. On the color run day, even though it was very hot and humid, all the students, teachers, and parents had a lot of fun. To fund the charities, NHS set a goal of 150 million rupiah and encouraged the school to participate in the funding program. Currently, NHS raised about 80 million rupiah through this event.

During Aid in Action, NHS also held a house competition, in which 50 points were awarded for the winning houses for most laps and most donations. Black House won the most laps, and Black House is also leading the most donations with Rp. 13,240,000. Green House has the second place with Rp. 6,445,000, Red House has the third place with Rp. 4,760,000, and Yellow House has fourth place with Rp. 4,555,000.

If you haven’t made your donation yet, the due date for the donation has been extended until February 28, and we look forward to more donations so that we can reach our goal! We would also like to give special thanks to our sponsors, Cheil Jedang, Bernardi, Honda, and Myoung Ga. Thank you everyone!

Just a friendly reminder: NHS will be holding our annual Staff Talent Show on March 29, 2019. All the money raised from this event will be used for staff medical bills. More information will be announced later on. Thank you for your continued support of NHS initiatives!


Global Issues Network (GIN)

High School GIN (Global Issues Network) has had an exciting journey this year.  Throughout their work this year, they highlighted the impact of palm oil production on the habitat of orangutans. They had a goal to adopt orangutans from the Orangutan Rescue Center in West Kalimantan.

To achieve this goal, the students presented a proposal to the administration, seeking approval to hold a school-wide fundraising event.  Students created posters, created videos, and presented to elementary and secondary students their proposal.  Orangutan merchandise was sold and plans were put into place for the Orangutan Day event. It was quite an undertaking for the twelve members, but they realized it was worth the cause and the experience.

The Orangutan Day was held on Wednesday, Feb 20th during Period 1 and 2. Participants came in orangutan or banana-inspired costumes/clothes. After that, students from EC 3 – Grade 12 played various games.  Some games included, balancing banana dolls on their head and walk, banana dolls run and relay, orangutan coloring and drawing competition, banana throw in baskets, banana volley and banana eating contest. Points were collected by each SIS house and the Yellow Tigers came out as the winner.

From this project, HS GIN students raised enough money to adopt two orangutans for one year. Thank you, SIS Community, for your contributions.


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