“Can you please check my presentation?”
“What do you think of my work?”
“What should I do with my action project?”
“Ms. Pam, how should I do this?”

The barrage of questions is never-ending and it seems like there are still a million things to work on and to complete. But as we near the end of our Exhibition Journey with one more week to go before our final presentation day on April 27th, the students are also gearing up with much eagerness and excitement to share what they have learned throughout this whole process with the rest of our SIS community.

It is in this time of the year when our SIS 5th Graders are usually busy working with their groups preparing for presentation day by putting up their presentation printouts on the blackboards and decorating their assigned sections in the library or the classroom. Students would be busy practicing their speeches and rehearsing their presentation song and performance.

But like all journeys, we oftentimes encounter detours and difficulties along the way. We are asked to navigate a new path or a new direction – a road that we have never traveled before. Due to the current situation and world crisis, we have had to make the unprecedented move to online learning. This year’s PYP Journey to the Exhibition has had to make a massive adjustment with a complete overhaul of delivery by having a full digital presentation as our final project. 

On our 5th Week of working on our exhibitions independently and online, our students have shown how they have embodied the IB PYP Learner attributes through their Exhibition work. They have shown inquiry and independence as they completed their research slides, interviews, and surveys online. The students were knowledgeable as they applied the skills they have learned in our classrooms and specialist classes to the creation of their written work and digital presentations.

Best of all, they exhibited open-mindedness, commitment, perseverance and the willingness to take risks as they tried new ways of presenting their projects, and held conferences with the teachers and mentors by listening to feedback and editing and revising their work.

With this year’s Transdisciplinary Theme of How We Express Ourselves and our Central Idea focused on the 5th Graders’ Passions: Discovering and expressing our passions to the world open opportunities to learn and change, our 5th Graders have proven that when given the opportunity to pursue their passions, they are more than capable to rise up to the challenge and to produce quality work despite facing all the odds. 

We hope that you will share in our PYP Digital Exhibition next Monday, April 27th upon the publication of our Exhibition Website. I encourage everyone to support our 5th Graders and celebrate the completion of their PYP Exhibition!

Explore more about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme at IB PYP and join in the celebration of the PYP Digital Exhibition on April 27th.

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