Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday in Early Childhood

This year, our Early Childhood students celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. We use our imagination and experienced how Dr. Seuss books can make learning to read fun! 

Using the home-based learning activities provided by the school,  student were able to complete themed activities both individually and during our virtual learning times. 

We invited Mr. Hill, our Fourth Grade teacher, to be a guest speaker during one of our Zoom class activities. He read us “ The Foot Book” where we learned invented words to talk about, and of course a ton of rhyming. Students loved to hear the playful language and rhymes found in Dr. Seuss books. It was a simple activity, but students and teachers really enjoyed it. 

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Incorporating Math and Literacy: Cat in the Hat Hats and Patterns

We also incorporated math and literacy activities.  Students made a  Cat in the Hat hat by cutting out red strips of construction paper, and created patterns using a basic white hat shape.  In EC 4, our students also made connections about how many of the words because they sound the same at the end. 

Another fun activity students participated in at home was making colorful, scented oobleck, inspired by Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Making oobleck was a great way for students to develop as inquirers and risk takers.  We hope students enjoyed these reading activities as much as we did! 

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