ES Bahasa Indonesia classes are learning different topics connected the Units of Inquiry at each grade level.

Bahasa Indonesia

Grade Five: Leaders of Change – Raden Ajeng Kartini

To support their inquiries about Leaders of Change, Grade Five students have been learning about the biography of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the most well-known Leaders of Change for education in Indonesia. Students have learned how Kartini made the people change their thoughts about education, especially for girls, during a time where the Javanese traditions were very strict.

In their stand alone grammar lessons, Grade Five students learned the use of different conjunctions in complex sentences as well as creating a dialog as they practiced their speaking skills. 

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Grade Four: How We Express Ourselves – Articles and Persuasion

During the How We Express Ourselves unit, in which students are learning about the role of persuasion in the media, Grade Four students created different articles. Some of the articles created include a review of an interesting place, articles about a famous person, or report writing after interviewing his/her friend.

Grade 2-3: How We Organize Ourselves – Indonesian Money System

Grade 2-3 students are learning about the Indonesian money system as they students their How We Organize Ourselves unit looking more deeply at the concepts of supply and demand. They are learning how to read the denominations and have been introduced to seven new banknote designs featuring national heroes.

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Kinder and Grade One: Exploring Various Transportation Modes

Kinder and Grade One students are learning about different types of transportations on land, water and air. Students practice their speaking skills with the becak and delman driver using the dialog prepared by the teacher.

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