Growing & Changing: Early Childhood 1 & 2 Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery

In our current unit of inquiry, students in EC 1 and EC 2 are learning about how as they grow and change, they discover new things about who they are and what they can do.

The toddler stage of developmental is one of great learning.  Students are learning to be an individual and starting to understand all the amazing things that surround them in their world. The children look for things that make them unique and through play, they discover more about their interests and abilities. 

Discovering Uniqueness: From Mirror Play to Fingerprints

As part of this unit of inquiry, children considered what they looked like.  They even created a self-portrait. We invited children to look at themselves in a mirror to see the features and details they see. Through such an activity, students learn to recognize their reflection and their personal attributes.  Students also traced hands and used an ink pad to make fingerprints for each finger. We examined how each child’s fingerprint is special and unique, using a magnifying glass to observe the finger prints up close.   

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