Author – Illustrator Visit 2019

Many people believe that picture books are only for children or babies. More and more parents encourage their children to read books without pictures at an earlier stage. What we oftentimes fail to see is that picture books can be shared with a variety of audiences – and not just to our youngest ones. Picture books are suitable for older students especially when the subject matter or content is for a mature audience such as true stories from history.

For this reason, we were very fortunate to have our visiting author, Ms. Frane Lessac, spend a day with our Secondary Students last March 1st. The day started with an engaging assembly with a presentation about life as an author/illustrator, and the process that an author goes through to publish a book. She created a special artwork for us, and opened up the floor for questions about her job.

The day continued with interactive workshops for varied grade levels in the Secondary Art classroom. Ms. Lessac shared stories about the books she had worked on such as a book on human rights, true stories in history, and real animals used during the war. The students were fascinated and engaged with her stories about how she came up with the idea, the research process and the creation of the books.

She explained how students can open up their imagination, make connections and think outside the box when creating narratives or poetry about a certain scene that they’d just drawn or illustrated. The workshops also allowed the students to view the book-making process from the perspective of the publisher, as well as to ask Ms. Lessac questions about writing/illustrating as a career.

It was truly a wonderful learning opportunity for our secondary students to meet and interact with a published author, which exposed them to the wonderful world of writing and illustrating. It was also a chance for our students to appreciate picture books for what they truly are – works of art.

Library Display

Stories from Around the World

Our new library display features stories such as folktales, fables and legends from around the world. Reading these kinds of stories helps students to broaden their worldview and to be more exposed to a variety of cultures and beliefs. This is a good opportunity for students to develop as empowered global citizens.

Grade Level Book Recommendations

We are also featuring book recommendations for Grades 1-12 according to popular reviews and recommended book lists. Come and visit the Library to see our display or chat with us for some recommended titles.

SIS Destiny Discover

One of the features of our online SIS Library Destiny Catalog is the Destiny Discover. Clicking on this link will direct you to our library collections such as our recently added books collection, most popular titles, a variety of topics and genres, as well as a list of our e-books. Our e-books can be accessed online anytime. Please ask our SIS Library Team for assistance to create an account for you.

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