MS Math

The Middle School Mathematics at Surabaya Intercultural School aims to provide rigorous, meaningful learning opportunities for middle school students. We build upon the prior knowledge they have acquired throughout elementary and provides students with a solid foundation for High School Mathematics.

This school year, the Middle School wing welcomed the Class of 2025 in which they began their journey introducing themselves mathematically.  They have been learning the Real Number System, Number operations and their properties, powers and exponents, variables and expressions, using mental math in solving equations and knowing the steps in problem solving.

Seventh grade Pre Algebra reinforces skills learned in the sixth grade such as basic arithmetic.  It also includes concepts using variables, formulas, and linear equations. Students will also be introduced to algebraic expressions and how to represent mathematical situations graphically.

The Eighth graders are now introduced to the first course in Algebra. It is based on the properties of the real number system, the number line, and the simpler language of sets. Operations and inequalities are also presented. Emphasis is placed on solving word problems that integrate algebra, geometry, and statistics, as applications motivate all topics of study. Students are expected to use scientific or graphing calculators throughout the course and other technology at appropriate times. The students will have challenging evaluations that require the reasoning skills that they will develop over the course of the year.

HS Physical Education

Our High School PE classes have started the year engaged in warm up activities, stretching, and learning how to work together as a team.  The Grade 9 class meets once a week for PE and once a week for swimming. Our grade 10-12 class also meets once a week for PE and once a week for swimming.  During the first quarter students are learning about soccer and volleyball, while actively participating in matches. They are improving their skills and abilities in both sports.  In Swimming the students are focusing on freestyle, one of the many swim strokes they will learn this year. In addition to the regularly scheduled PE classes, students are able to participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, badminton, and other sports during their daily lunch recess.  The SIS pool, gymnasium, and field are also used for beginner swim ASA, swim team, Varsity Volleyball, and Varsity Soccer after school throughout the week.

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