Our Middle School classes have started the second semester with action packed physical education (PE) and swimming classes.  Middle School classes meet once a week for PE and once a week for swimming.  Each class is 45 minutes.  The classes are divided by grade level.  During the third quarter, students are learning about floor hockey and basketball. They are improving their skills and abilities by participating in warm up activities, stretching, warm-up games, and by learning how to work together as a team.

Students in middle school are focusing on basketball skills such as dribbling, passing the ball, and shooting.  They are working hard to better understand the rules of basketball.  In swimming class, the students are focusing on backstroke, one of the many swim strokes they will learn this year, as well as water volleyball.  In addition to the regularly scheduled PE classes, students are able to participate in other physical activities after school, such as swim team, basketball, ping pong, Kung Fu, and others.


HS French

On behalf of the Department of French as a Foreign Language, I wish you all my best wishes for the Happy New Year 2019. The first semester 2018/2019 has just passed, in which High School students learned many things in French class, not only grammar and vocabulary, but also cultural aspects in French people in general.

Beginner students learned basic topics such as how to get to know each other, talk about everyday life, and discuss the personal and familiar world, etc.
As for the Intermediate and Advanced students, they also learned many topics corresponding to the daily life. Of course, they acquired more extended and higher grammar and vocabulary.

Students are playing fun French games in class

Speaking quiz

9th graders working on exercises on the board


For their final exam of Semester 1, all students had to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Once they made it, they had to present their presentation in French.  Presentations were a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes. Students can choose one of the themes proposed by the French teacher, among others: Country and Culture of Francophone countries, Country and Culture of their own country, their current school “SIS” or their autobiography.

HS French presentations prepared by 9th and 10th grade students

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