MS PE: Pak Purno and Pak Parno

Our middle school Physical Education and Swimming classes remain online. While learning at home is not easy we are pleased that our students are remaining active and healthy.

We appreciate our students’ enthusiasm for participating in their sports. Physical Education and swimming look much different than they do in our beautiful sports facilities at SIS, but our students are showing a sincere effort to improve their skills online, and we are proud of their efforts.

We hope that we are back at SIS soon. Health is our top priority. Thanks for remaining involved in sports to build your immunity during the pandemic. Keep sending us your photos and videos which show the fabulous job you are doing of staying fit!

HS English: Mr. Bridges and Ms. Anderton

In the English Literature classes, we have been reading various novels to conduct in depth literary analysis. The 9th grade class has focused on classic novels that contain an allegorical nature, helping students to understand that sometimes an author writes for a deeper meaning than what we read on the page or screen. I hope the students have enjoyed having a real paper book to read from to reduce screen time. The tenth grade class began looking at “stream of consciousness” writers from all over the world, namely Franz Kafka, James Joyce, and others. These have provided the students with an opportunity to see how authors incorporate flashbacks, imagery, metaphors, symbols, and figurative language to connect a story with readers. They have begun to identify the tone, mood, and style of well known and often imitated writers. They have also been practicing writing their own stories to create mystery, tension, surprise, and emotional reactions for their audiences. The 11th grade class has been reading well known American novels, namely William Goldman’s classic novel, The Princess Bride. It is a tale of true love and high adventure, written in a unique way. 

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The Travel Journalism class has been researching locations throughout Indonesia and creating narrative stories about places they want to visit, events they would like to see, and interviewing interesting people. We were very fortunate to have a guest speaker join us for an interesting presentation about being a freelance journalist. Mr. Tim Neville is a professional journalist that writes for the New York Times, Outside Magazine, and National Geographic Traveller and is the author of our textbook that we use for the class. He joined us by Google Meet and answered the students questions about his profession. 

As we continue to learn through these Covid times, please remember to encourage your children to read for pleasure and fun. Books are a way to travel to somewhere when we can’t right now.

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