SIS is proud to host an EARCOS weekend workshop April 7-8 featuring Ron Lancaster from the Ontario Institute for Studies at the University of Toronto. The title of the workshop will be Connecting Mathematics to the World Around Us. Connecting Mathematics to the World Around Us is a course designed to help teachers at all grade levels bring out the beauty and applicability of mathematics for their students. In this course, you will put on a pair of mathematical glasses and view the world through a mathematical lens. You will model what we would like our students to do – to see numbers, shapes, solids, patterns, curves, and ratios everywhere; to document the mathematics you see using a camera or mobile device; to be curious; to slow down and be observant and to think mathematically outside of the classroom. Additionally, you will learn how to create rich mathematical questions for students related to daily life, design, art, architecture, and newspaper articles.

Please see attached flyers for additional information.

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