Halo apa kabar? SELAMAT TAHUN BARU.

Excitement in the Air: Welcoming a New Semester Lessons

As the new semester begins, we are glad that the students are excited to follow the lessons after the long winter break.

Grade 4 is now learning about poetry. Even though writing a poem is not easy, they are trying their best to create a simple poem with their peers. Using lots of adjectives and verbs, they choose different objects to describe in a poem. In this unit, they will also learn the rhyming words used in Indonesian traditional poems called PANTUN.

Grade 5 is practicing their speaking and writing skills this semester. Using the question ‘How often do you do something’, they use adverbs that describe frequency words (selalu, biasanya, kadang-kadang, tidak pernah etc.) to describe their daily activity. They are also practicing their speaking skills by sharing something exciting that happened during their winter break.

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Cultural Journey with Kindergarten and Grade 1: Reading MALIN KUNDANG in Indonesian

Kindergarten and Grade 1 read the story from Sumatera, MALIN KUNDANG. They are being risk takers reading the story in Indonesian. We discussed the plot, characters and the setting of the story as well as the Indonesian cultural aspects.

Grade 2-3 are now learning the terminology of states of matter and they are learning to use this vocabulary with proper sentence order. Students studied the verbs related to this unit through the different activities such as reading text and dialog, watching the cooking demo, describing pictures etc.

Terima kasih.

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