Setting the Stage: Establishing Fun and Effective Zoom Learning Rules

“How can we make our Zoom learning fun and effective?”; a group of adaptable, creative and enthusiastic students in grade 2-3 started their learning this year by establishing “Zoom rules” for our class. They realized the importance of being independent and responsible by setting up routines, agreements and goals for themselves. We structured our morning meetings with opportunities to reflect on our IB-PYP Learner profile attributes in connection with our short read alouds.

Our first unit of inquiry is “Who We Are”. The general focus of the unit is well defined by the central idea Cultures have different beliefs and values that influence the way people behave . The exposure to the concept culture will transform our students to be more caring and open-minded while being part of the diverse world around them.

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Students activated their prior knowledge through a virtual gallery walk presented using the google slides. They shared their curiosities and wonderings on culture and diversity; which proved to be a great provocation to begin the unit. They got engaged in a number of learning experiences while inquiring into the components of culture. Further to it, students identified folktales from their own culture and tried to make connections with the values they uphold.

The enthusiastic learners shared folktales, values, beliefs and other components of culture through Flipgrid videos with their classmates. Integrated Specialist lessons provided the students with an opportunity to understand more about the culture of Indonesia. Next, we look forward to our end of unit presentation on a particular culture by communicating how certain beliefs and values contribute to certain behaviors.

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