Head of School

Dear SIS Community,

We have just completed our first week back. It has been nice to see everyone. I also want to extend a warm welcome to our new families. We have an exciting Aid in Action event scheduled for next Friday. I want to thank the NHS for finding new organizations to support. I hope that our community will give generously to these charities. Please remember to sponsor your child and help them to contact friends and family members in order to receive even more donations.

I also want to thank everyone who participated in our School Climate Survey. Several of you sent in feedback about the survey itself and we will use this information to try to improve future surveys. We will begin to analyze the results of the survey in order to better serve our community. I hope that everyone agrees that SIS is school that strives for continual improvement.

I also want to welcome two new teacher interns. SIS is in a partnership with UNESA and helps to sponsor teachers from their Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia. Ms. Donita from Philippine Normal University in North Luzon will be joining Mr. Duopah’s Biology 9 class. Mr. Ricardo from Sint Mary’s University in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines will be working in our PE department. Please help me welcome them to SIS.

Kind regards,

Matthew Gaetano

Secondary Principal

Happy New Year and welcome to the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year!

Many fun events occurred over the weeks leading up to Winter Break. Particularly noteworthy were the performances by our Secondary students in the Music Concert and Middle School Theater Arts Performances. I’m proud that our students are talented in multiple ways!

Report cards for Semester 1 will be issued and sent home on Friday, January 18th.

Secondary staff and I worked over the Winter Break to ensure the first round of university applications were submitted for our Senior students in a timely fashion to universities in the United States and Canada. Other deadlines are approaching for universities around the world; feel free to reach out to me (Ms. Chowdhury) for more information.

Planning for Festival of Nations and our upcoming WASC Mid-Year visit is in full swing. This semester we have some more informative and exciting university visits scheduled. On January 10th, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore conducted a fun, multimedia presentation to showcase to our 10th, 11th and 12th grade students and parents the programs they offer in animation, design, fashion and fine arts, among others.

Upcoming parent-to-parent workshops and coffee chats with the Principal are in the planning phases so stay tuned for more information.

Elementary Principal

Happy New Year!

It was so wonderful to welcome our students back to school on Tuesday, 9 January.  As I visited the classrooms, I was greeted by smiling students and teachers who looked refreshed and ready for a new semester!

Our first semester flew by.  The second semester will be equally busy.  In the upcoming weeks, the elementary school will celebrate many exciting times.  On Friday, 18 January, all SIS students will participate in our annual Aid in Action Walk-a Thon.  Proceeds raised from this year’s walk-a-thon will go to support four different charity organizations:  An education fund set up for Ms. Nikmah’s children; Yayasan Pondok Kasih, Kura West Timor, and Habitat for Humanity.  On the day of the event, students will meet in their classrooms for attendance, and then head to the soccer field for the run.  ES students will run until 10:00. Then, ES students will enjoy a short dip in the pool before heading back to their classrooms for a hotdog. Parents are welcome to show their school spirit and join in the event with their children. As in past years, we will have a half day of school and students will be dismissed at 11:45.

Another exciting event coming up in the elementary school is the 100th Day of School.  This year, the 100th Day of School is on Thursday, 24 January.  The 100th day of school is an important landmark in our school year.  Students will explore the numerical concept of 100 as they embark upon a variety of 100th day-related activities.

Our monthly assembly will be held on Friday, 1 February.  We look forward to welcoming you to our assembly as our students showcase the learning in their units of inquiry.  Finally, over the coming weeks, students will be busy preparing for our annual Festival of Nations. As we did last year, this year’s FON will be celebrated over three days:  The ES Expo on Thursday, 14 February, the Secondary Expo on Friday, 15 February, and the Gala on Saturday, 16 February. Please join as we celebrate the richness of our school’s cultural diversity.

Activities & Athletics

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

After School Activities (ASAs) are up and running as the 2nd term resumed this week. There are thirty activities offered for this term. A huge thank you to all SIS teachers and outside professionals who are leading these activities.  All activities are well-attended, which is a testament to how active and well-rounded our students are. The second term of ASAs will end on March 1, 2019.

Basketball season is upon us and the boys and girls teams have resumed their practices. They will have a couple of friendly games before the PASS Tournament on February 7 – 9. Two weeks later, they will participate in the IISSAC Tournament so it will be a busy schedule for the Cobras!  On February 21 – 22, the IISSAC Tournament take place and will be hosted by the Mountainview Christian School in Salatiga.

Save the date!  SIS will host the IISSAC Swim Tournament on April 26 – 28, 2019. Our swimmers are excited to perform for the home crowd. Students practice at least three times a week and also have Saturday practices for those who are willing to put in the extra time. The swim team will head to Malang on February 9 to participate in a swim meet hosted by Wesley International School as part of their preparations for the IISSAC Swim Tournament.

Aid in Action, an activity lead by the NHS, will take place on Friday, January 18th. This activity aims to raise funds to help particular service-oriented organizations. The funds that will be raised this year will be donated to the Yayasan Pondok Kasih, Kura West Timor, Habitat for Humanity, and to Ms. Nikmah’s family.

We are looking forward to a successful 2nd term for the ASAs and great season for our Basketball teams. Please come out and support our Basketball teams during the friendly games and the PASS Tournament.



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