Middle School Drama Performance

Students from the two Middle School Drama classes, Grade 6 and Grade 8B, have been working over the past semester on learning new skills and concepts in the subject of Drama. On Friday 7th December, both classes performed one act plays in the Little Theatre for an audience of administration, teachers, parents and students from the Elementary and Middle School.

The Prisoners of Grade 8

Grade 8B Drama Class

In the play, it’s Friday afternoon at Downpark High and a group of Grade 8 students find themselves in a school detention, led by the unconfident History teacher, Mr Penny. The School Principal, Mr. Prunewhistle, is an unwelcome visitor to this detention. The majority of students are unhappy about his consistent presence in the class room. Throughout the play, the group deal with spending an hour of their lives in the detention in different ways.

This play includes a versatile student chorus, who play out the daydreams of multiple characters in the detention. Each daydream takes place in a new setting with various scenarios put into practice.

It was a pleasure working with the cast of this one-act play. The Grade 8B group worked diligently throughout the process of bringing this play to life on the stage. They were highly motivated with the creation of their characters. The wonderful crew of High School students from Theatre Arts, Scenery and Set Design and Art classes helped diligently behind the scenes.



Grade 6

Word Play is a play on words or more precisely, a play on the words in plays…  Dialogue!

‘A’ says this.  ‘B’ says that. ‘C’ says this….

The actors play with a set number of words and see what they can do to make a play.  Who could the characters be? What could these characters be doing? Where might they be? In each scene of Wordplay, the dialogue is always the same. One line is added at the beginning to help with the plot and presto… the magic of theatre occurs!

The Grade 6 Drama group enthusiastically and positively embraced our end of semester drama play. They considered the use of costume, props and set as a means of bringing their individual scenes to the stage. It was a joy to work with them during the rehearsal process. The crew (Senior Students), were also an integral part of this performance, working productively behind the scenes.   


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