Guiding Through Transformation

It is hard to believe that since the last time I wrote a “Latest News” article in February, so much in our world and our learning has changed! I hope those of you reading this are doing well both emotionally, physically and academically. It is a challenging time for sure, and one that none of us could have anticipated or adequately prepared for. As many of you are aware, Secondary School has moved to a mostly asynchronous online learning format, as quite a few of our students, families and faculty have relocated back to their home countries in the past few weeks and months.

With this shift, we have had to shift how “we do business” too. We have moved to a shorter school day, as well as more of a blended and self-driven approach to learning that places emphasis on the student’s holistic well-being and the need to balance their time online with their time offline, so they can take time to just be, process the unprecedented pandemic they are living through as well as manage their different feelings/responsibilities and tasks as family structures have shifted.

Community Resilience: A Principal’s Perspective

Almost every institution and organization has had to tweak or change the way they do things, even the College Board! Earlier this month, I started releasing a series of emails and videos regarding updates to the 2020 AP Exams. There is a lot of good information on why our students can and should continue with taking their AP exams, if they can, along with the format of the new AP exams, what to expect, how to submit responses from home, and why colleges and universities still value students’ AP exam scores when awarding potential articulated college credit or advanced standing in particular courses. More information can be found at the following link: 2020 AP Coronavirus Updates

I have been quite impressed with our teachers, students and parents during this challenging time. You have all risen up to the obstacles we face and are doing your very best to maintain a quality education. That speaks volumes about our community.

I particularly enjoy watching the Zoom recordings of teachers’ lessons that they post on their Google Classrooms for students to benefit from if they are in different time zones than Surabaya or were unable to make the Zoom meeting scheduled for a particular day. It is also a treat for me to see the pictures and videos some of you send in to your teachers.

Principal’s Vision for the Future

Please keep these coming. It is so important for us to find comfort and strength in each other during this time. It is comforting to see and hear each other, even though we may be miles or thousands of miles apart. Even though you might not feel like “showing up” please do, as we are here for you and are your biggest cheerleaders.

Stay tuned for a virtual awards ceremony, virtual Graduation celebration for our awesome Graduating Class of 2020 and many more fun things coming up soon. I hope you will continue to remain in good spirits and health until we can overcome the pandemic. Stay well.

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