Exploring the Earth’s Mysteries: Grade 4’s Current Endeavor

At present, grade 4 is wrapping up their second unit of the 2020-21 school year, How We Organize Ourselves. The class has inquired into Earth’s geological processes (landforms and Earth processes such as plate tectonics and W.E.D, weathering, erosion, and deposition) and many of the human-make systems created as a result of these.

Literary Fusion: Enhancing Reading and Writing Skills Through Geological Learning

Inquiries have been conducted utilizing a variety of resources such as videos, illustrations, and informational articles. Students have demonstrated their understanding primarily via google slides and with a final Landform Research Report. This unit has been highly integrated with literacy skills in both reading comprehension and writing. Determining the main idea of informational writing and researching a topic and writing a research report have been the focus for literacy skills during this unit. 

Interested parties should be sure to check out grade 4’s Landform Research Reports which will be available for viewing on the grade 4 padlet (although under construction and a work in progress, will still be available for viewing). Grade 4 students have worked diligently during this unit despite online learning challenges and should be congratulated for their efforts! 

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