School Events Unfold: Week Without Walls Adventures

So many wonderful things have happened in the Secondary School over the past couple of months! From September 9-13, Secondary students attended the much-anticipated event of the year: Week Without Walls! This year, Grade 6 went to Kaliandra, Grade 7 went to Yogyakarta, Grade 8 went to Bali, Grade 9 went to Flores, Grade 10 went to Lombok, Grade 11 went to Medan, Grade 12 went to Telunas.

They engaged in service learning and cultural opportunities all week long and were able to learn new skills, crafts, give back to the communities they visited, interact with students of local skills, plant trees, harvest rice, pitch in a helping hand to help with different community development projects, and engage with different Indonesian cultural performances/arts and handicrafts. 

The Black Manta Rays Retain the Title in High-Energy House Event

On September 20th, we hosted our first House Event of the 2019-2020 school year. It was a high-energy, exciting event where students from K-12 gathered in their houses, planned cheers and performed the cheers in front of the whole school! There was friendly competition and the House with the best cheer won, so for the second year in a row, the Black Manta Rays earned the title!

Showcasing Learning and Experiences, Creating Buzz for Future Trips

We were extremely excited to host our inaugural Week without Walls Expo on Friday, October 4th which showcased all the fantastic learning and experiences students had on the Week without Walls trips to our community and parents. It was a successful event, one that was attended quite well. Students blew us away with their group presentations, informative booths and videos. All Secondary students were able to see what trips they will be attending in future years at SIS, which generated a buzz of excitement! 

Sports Galore: A Continuation of Exciting School Events

October and November were busy and productive months at SIS. Our sports programs are in full swing and SIS scholar athletes participated in a gamut of athletic and co-curricular events and tournaments, including the PASS Soccer Tournament at home, IISSAC Volleyball Tournament in Salatiga, IISSAC Soccer Tournament in Bandung, PASS Volleyball Tournament at home, and a Cross Country Run hosted for elementary and Grade 6 students at Sekolah Ciputra. 

University Visits and Future Prospects in School Events

It has been an extraordinary season for college and university visits as well. We are proud to have hosted 9 universities in the past 7 weeks alone! They include some very notable institutions of higher learning including: Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Loyola Marymount University, University of Tulsa, Hult Business School, University of British Columbia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Westminster, and the Savannah College of Art & Design. A variety of High School students were able to meet and discuss post-secondary options with the admissions officers and recruiters from these colleges and universities.

Valuable Feedback and Student Progress Discussed with Parents

Finally, our Fall Parent-Teacher Three Way Conferences were quite successful. There was a great exchange of information that occurred regarding student progress and achievement in the first quarter between students, parents and teachers. Parents walked away with valuable feedback on how they can help us support their children both within and outside the classroom. It is hard to believe the holidays and Winter Break will be upon us in 5 short weeks! The Final Exam schedule for Secondary students will be finalized and released to parents and students By November 22nd. 

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