After School Activities

It was a successful first week for the ASAs. Our students were ecstatic to attend their chosen activities. It is such a pleasure to see our students actively participating in all different sorts of activities. Thank you to all the teachers who are leading ASAs this terms. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. The 1st Term of the ASA will run for 10 weeks.


Our student-athletes are working hard and are already in good shape even at this early stage of the season. The soccer teams are on their second week of training. The volleyball teams and the swimming team has just started this week. We will soon have some friendly games with some of the local schools. Watch for the schedule of these games and come out and support our soccer and volleyball teams.

Student Leadership Groups

It is election season for our Student Councils. The HS STUCO held elections for class representatives on August 21. This past week, MS STUCO and ES STUCO. Congratulations to the newly elected student leaders. We are looking forward to some wonderful activities and projects from these groups of young leaders. 

House Activities

We are currently forming a new set of House Leaders for this school year. The application form has been sent out this week and the new set of House Leaders will be announced soon. Our first all-school House event this year will be the House Cheers and Games which is scheduled on September 20, 2019. Which house will have the loudest cheer? Which house will emerge as the champion the Mix Volleyball games? 

Discover more about after school programs and student leadership development on platforms like The National AfterSchool Association (NAA), and stay updated on upcoming school events through the official school website.

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