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Throughout the years, we’ve been organizing Library programs that have proven to be popular with our Elementary School Students. Two of the most anticipated events are the Summer Reading Challenge and Ring & Read.

The Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) is an annual event hosted by our own SIS Library. At the end of each school year, we hand out the summer reading forms to all the students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, with the expectation that they challenge themselves to read throughout the summer, fill out the form, and hand these forms back to us in the new school year. The students who hand back the forms are then invited to a special Summer Reading Challenge Breakfast to the Library where they are recognized for their awesome achievement as readers. 

This year, we had a good turnout of 24 kids from Grades 1-6. We enjoyed a breakfast of cereal, fruits, pancakes and juice, and each participating student received a Summer Reading Challenge Certificate of Achievement and a goody bags with little gifts such as stickers, special buttons, and other library knick-knacks. It was a fun morning and we hope that more students will participate in next year’s Summer Reading Challenge!

Starting next week, on October 2, we will again be starting another Library Program called Ring & Read. Ring & Read is a beloved tradition at our SIS Library.  The first sound of the gong signals the beginning of R & R, and another sound of the gong will mark the end. Some of our goals include building reading stamina among our students, fostering a love of reading, and modelling good reading habits across the different grade levels. Kids are allowed to bring books from home or from their classrooms, and share them with their friends or read quietly. We hope the kids are looking forward to the start of Ring & Read this year!


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