Morning Rituals: Ms. Pam’s Channel Sets the Tone for the Day

“Hello everyone, and welcome to my channel!”

With the new school year starting with online learning, our 5th Graders have been tuning in to Ms. Pam’s “channel” every morning. They come to class engaged and ready to tackle each day’s activities.  Every morning, we have our morning meetings and talk about our day’s schedule and what to expect.

We then have time to watch inspirational videos from Class Dojo, or watch a clip from BrainPop about current events and new ideas. Recently, we have been using Class Dojo to watch videos about developing a Growth Mindset. The videos have been inspiring us to never give up and to continue challenging ourselves to develop our brains. We have been engaging in discussions with our classmates and teachers, and learning more about how we should face the challenges of the year. 

Our Central Idea for our first Unit of Inquiry is, “Government systems influence the lives of citizens.”  We started off this year with a provocation by reading a book from GetEpic titled, “Pete for President”. After reading the book, we individually came up with our own platform if we were to become class president, and we posted our thoughts on Flipgrid.

We worked in groups and collaborated to fill out a KWL chart to show what we know about Governments and what our questions and wonders were about that topic. We also created a mind-map on Popplet where each student contributed their thoughts, ideas and questions about our central idea. As we go deeper into our UOI, we will be creating questions, uncovering our vocabulary, and researching about different government systems and its influence in our lives.

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We have many opportunities to integrate Language Arts skills into our classes. We have been presenting our thoughts on Flipgrid on topics such as UOI and book reviews, writing on our online journals for different prompts, and doing a read-aloud on our first book, Class President. We have also been making connections to what we are reading and what we have learned or experienced. Making connections is a strategy that strengthens our reading comprehension. 

For Math, we started the year by focusing on learning how to find information from our Math Student Reference Textbooks. It is important that students know the topics they are learning and where to find information so that if they do not know how to solve a problem, they can use our reference materials to find their answers. This develops thinking and independent study skills. This week, we have started reviewing number theory concepts such as basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, finding the factors, products and multiples, identifying data landmarks, and practicing decimals, place value, and fractions. 

The 5th Graders have been busy and engaged as we begin our new school year. We’ve been learning new platforms, engaging in different activities, and have stretched ourselves to be better students this year. The students are building up the momentum and are doing great in class!

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