Journey into Indonesian Culture: Exploring Diversity in Bahasa Indonesia Class

Students in Bahasa Indonesia class are learning about the diversity of Indonesian culture. As you know, Indonesia has 33 provinces which is home to many different cultures. Differences in culture can be found in areas such as music, literature, dance, and clothing.  Even how houses are built differs depending on where you are. 

Students have learned one of the dances which represents an aspect of  Indonesian Culture. This dance is called, INDANG or BADINDIN and it is from West Sumatra. The dance is intended to invite us to always work together and help each other. The lyrics have meaning to protect Minangkabau culture. Students have been very enthusiastic as they have learned  the movement of the dance.

To commemorate National Heroes Day on 10 November, students listened to the  history of 10 November, 1945 and learned about the events that happened in Surabaya.  Students created origami hats for veterans.

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