The Secondary School Production of “Falling” is just around the corner.

“Falling” is a play that centers around Kevin, a boy who ‘falls’ into the world of his favorite detective, Rockfist Slim, when reading his book. As the story unfolds, the boy and the detective work to solve the mystery of the Green Shark, whilst simultaneously trying to find the way back to Kevin’s home. Along the journey, the two find themselves ‘falling’ into other books that are on on the Kevin’s bookshelf.

“Falling” will showcase the talents of students from Grade 4 through to Grade 12. The production will involve scenes of acting, music and dance.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, 26 March and may be purchased from Ms. Suci at reception for 50,000 IDR. Proceeds will be donated to charity.

We look forward to seeing you at the Secondary School Production of “Falling”

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