MS Math

Mathematics 6

The Grade 6 students had a productive semester in Mathematics. Students have covered the following topics this semester: The real number system, number operations, exponents, variable expressions, mental math, measurements and conversions between units, scale drawings, statistical displays, and operations with decimals.

Students solved problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures.  This included computing actual lengths and areas from a scale drawing, and then reproducing another drawing by using a different scale.  Students presented their knowledge of scale drawings by choosing a comic strip or a candy bar and enlarging it onto a grid.

Grade 6 students also explored measurements and conversions in more detail by researching  the ancient history of measurements. With this knowledge, they chose an ancient civilization that they were interested in and presented their findings in class.

While exploring statistical displays, students have had a chance to gather and analyze their own data by using circle graphs, bar graphs, and line graphs. They also tackled a more challenging activity by collecting data about their classmate’s height and shoe size and then used graphing calculators to create and present a scatter plot that represented this collected data.

Prealgebra 7

Students in Prealgebra are in the midst of exploring the unit called Rational Numbers and Proportions.  This Unit is particularly important as it involves vocabulary and concepts that will prove to be most helpful as they move on to higher level mathematics.  

Currently, your children are familiarizing themselves with the real number system which is integral to the reinforcement of computing with all numbers such as natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers.  In fact, they have learned a song about rational numbers that has helped them to fully understand the role each type of number plays in the Real Number System. Ask them to sing it for you.

Be careful as it is one of those songs that “stays with you.”  Trust me I know. They sing it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Algebra 1

As we build the foundation and skills in Algebra in preparation for higher mathematics, the past four months focused on the properties of real numbers, solving  linear equations, and graphing  linear equations and functions using several methods.  Students are now writing equations of linear functions in different forms. Applications of these concepts are always incorporated in their learning by analyzing and solving real-world problems.

HS Music

This has been a busy month for the Music Department. As we prepared for the end of semester, SIS students were busily preparing for their music concerts.  The Secondary music concert was last Thursday, November 29th.  The echo of the songs are still ringing in the ears of the audience who were present at the performance, as well as the musicians.

Students enjoyed showcasing their skills and showing their talents while playing musical instruments and singing. There were 14 songs performed during the concert.  They were played instrumentally as well as with vocals.

The High school students have improved their musical skills throughout the semester. This concert was the highlight of the semester for high school students. The students were satisfied with their performance and showed they were confident and proud to display the hidden talents they have. Students in grades 9 to 12, as well as middle schoolers, participated in this annual concert. We look forward for the next semester concert.


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