Students in French 2 engaged in their learning!

Middle School Math: Ms. Santiago and Ms. Mattos

Grade 6: Ms. Santiago

6th Graders had fun learning fraction operations. Students are able to review concepts on the operations of fractions and their applications. Students used visual representations throughout the chapter to help them understand multiplication and division of fractions. Although some may seem to say that fractions are one of the most difficult concepts to master, it’s still one of the most important in Mathematics.

Prealgebra 7: Ms. Mattos

Recently, your children have completed a chapter involving fractions, decimals, and percentages and how they are applied in the real-world.  They were fascinated with how much money they can accrue by their senior year if they opened up their own bank account and invested in their future.  They have also learned the difference between simple interest and compound interest. 

This is also a great time of year for our grade 7 students as they are now being introduced to graphing linear equations.  This is an integral part of their foundation in Algebra and they will soon become familiar with using the graphing calculator and other graphing software.  It is at this point where students will be able to recognize the concrete vs the abstract concepts involving Algebra.  

Algebra 1: Ms. Mattos

As we build the foundation and skills in Algebra in preparation for higher mathematics, the past four months focused on the properties of real numbers, solving  linear equations, and graphing  linear equations and functions using several methods.  Students are now writing equations of linear functions in different forms and solving systems.  Applications of these concepts are always incorporated in their learning by analyzing and solving real-world problems.  

In the next term, grade 8 students will begin working with more intricate algebraic concepts such as exponents and exponential functions.

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High School French: M Putra

We are realizing that time passes very quickly and we cannot slow it down! We are already at the end of the third quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. It is with pleasure that I share with you what our high school students have been doing in French in the second semester.

In French 1, the pupils have certainly acquired a more developed knowledge of the French language; not only the lexical part but also the grammatical part. With more vocabulary and the correct grammar, they are able to communicate what they want to express both orally and in writing, depending on the relevant circumstances and situations.

French 1 students actively learning!

Our French 2 students have already correctly mastered the basic knowledge of French. This level allows students to acquire more knowledge in all linguistic categories: listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as new syntactic structures. Overall, our students have more ability to engage in conversations with people who speak French.

The students in French 3 have a more advanced and developed knowledge of the French language. With vocabulary, expressions and grammar that they have already learned, they are able to express their ideas more freely depending on themes and circumstances. Students are progressing well on the four language pillars; listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition, they feel more confident when speaking French. To achieve good results in their French, they are maintaining their motivation, great effort and willpower.

French 3 in action!

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