Highlights from MS IT

Robotics is an exciting subject that combines science, technology, engineering, and math. The students at SIS have a chance to learn and build their skills and knowledge about robotics. They build and program the robot to do specific tasks, such as detecting colors, detecting objects, following a black line, etc. Several students from grades 6 and 7 will be joining the Open Robotics Competition on April 30th – May 2nd, 2019. These students have been diligently brushing up on their programming skills during the workshops on Saturdays. As challenges are presented, students have to find ways to solve the problems in the challenges.

It has been an exciting second semester for the middle school computing classes. Students in grade 6 are learning the basics of graphic design using GIMP and learning essential digital skills using Common Sense Media and Google’s Applied Digital Skills lessons. In grade 8, students continue to learn how to develop 2D games using Unity. They finished working on a Pinball Game project where they attempted to simulate physical motions that happen in real life. Just like things in real life will follow the laws of physics as they move, bounce, and crash together, students were able to build their pinball simulation game using physics to give realistic behavior.

HS Science

It has been a busy 3rd Quarter for the Science Department. A lot of learning has been taking place and all the students are ready to complete their course work. We are fortunate to have students who persevere even when science concepts can be difficult to understand. Our students are adept in using technologies as part of scientific inquiry and in communicating their learning. The students are provided with the opportunities to make them enlightened thinkers in the field of science.

Grade 9 Biology

Grade 9 Biology students conducting investigation on Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis. In this lab activity, students use chromatography to determine whether a red-leafed plant has the same pigments as a green-leafed plant. Pigments make photosynthesis possible by converting energy from the sun into energy that is stored in food.


AP Biology

AP Biology students designing and conducting investigation on cell transport. In this experiment, students create models of living cells using dialysis tubing. Dialysis tubing is made from a material that is selectively permeable and is used in the hospital to give intravenous fluids to patients suffering from kidney failure.  


AP Physics 1

It has been a busy and challenging year for the AP Physics 1 students. At this point, students are expected to have cultivated their understanding of physics through inquiry-based investigations as they explored the topics: kinematics; dynamics; circular motion and gravitation; energy; momentum; simple harmonic motion; torque and rotational motion. The students are now in midst of learning about mechanical waves and sound. They will then proceed to learn about electric charge, electric force and direct current circuits.

General Chemistry

General Chemistry has just finished covalent bonding and using molecular models to build covalent compounds.  Currently they are beginning the quantitative section of chemistry using measurements of matter conversion factors. They will continue on to types of chemical reactions and stoichiometry.

General Physics

General Physics has completed circular motion and gravitational forces and are now using this along with their past knowledge of work and power to calculate the ideal and actual mechanical advantages of simple machines.  They will apply their knowledge when they build and test the different types of pulleys, inclined planes and levers.

AP Chemistry  

AP Chemistry is currently working on Solutions and Intermolecular Forces.  Part of their study included laboratory work that investigated the chromatography of food dyes and acid base titrations.  Their next topic of study will be chemical kinetics, where they will look at reaction rates and the factors associated with them.

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