MS French

The MS French program is divided into three different levels:  Basic for students in  Grade 6; Beginner for students in Grade 7; and Advanced Beginner Level for students in Grade 8.

At the Basic Level, students start learning about how to pronounce French letters, read basic words, learn how to greet someone, and also learn basic vocabulary words such as daily command words, names of days, months, seasons, numbers, colors, and family members.

For the Beginner Level, students begin to learn basic grammar such as pronouns, verb forms, verb conjugations in the present tense, types of sentences: statements, commands and questions, and negative forms.

In the Advanced Beginner Level, students learn broader grammar with more vocabulary and expressions in everyday conversation.

Of course, there are several assignments and projects for Middle School students. In addition to grammar and vocabulary knowledge, students also learn French culture through French foods, songs and habits in their daily lives.

HS Social Studies

The AP Psychology class dissected sheep’s brains to learn more about the structures and functions of the brain. The biology department helped collaborate on the lesson.

The tenth grade history class has just completed a unit on the French Revolution.  As part of it, they created newspapers similar to ones in circulation at the time. They baked bread as part of a discussion about its importance as a cause of the revolution. Then they played the roles of advisers to the king and queen with tips on how to keep the monarchy in power.
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