HS Social Studies

The high school social studies classes have been hard at work. The economics class has finished learning about the four different market structures. They celebrated with a graph-drawing party. The students are working hard to be ready for the AP test in May. Our Mock Exam has been scheduled for Sunday, April 14 at 9:00 a.m.

The World History class is wrapping up World War II. The students worked with partners to research something they were interested in and share it with the class. After the presentations, we will begin a unit on Indonesian history.

For the Secondary Expo, the 9th grade world history class worked on celebrating Hong Kong’s diversity. The students did this by creating a brochure through the website,  Canva, and by making a quiz game on Kahoot!  Many of the students were able to make both their brochure and quiz bilingual. Several of the students worked with their Mandarin teachers to make a Mandarin brochure while others worked with their Bahasa Indonesia teachers to do the same. Even others created theirs in Korean.



MS French

Without realizing, we are already near the end of February 2019. It seems that time flies quickly, do you not agree?

Our Middle School French students have been quite busy since the start of the second semester of 2019.

Grade 6 students started to learn the declarative sentence. They now know how to construct the declarative sentence in positive as well as negative form. Even more, they manage to insert several types of necessary supplements such as object, place, time, adverb, adjective and other verbs, to vary the declarative sentence.

In all, they have already learned two types of sentences correctly: the imperative sentence and the declarative sentence. At this moment, they are learning the last type of sentence; it is the interrogative sentence without interrogative words.

Grade 7 students can engage in a basic conversation, such as getting to know each other, introducing themselves or introducing others (friend, family), ordering food or drinks, reading the time, talking about the weather, and other daily topics. They are also learning more new words and phrases.

For Grade 8 students, the teacher always encourages them to speak more French in class. Although it was difficult for them in the beginning, they strive to practice their French. This is essential to their progress in learning French. Now, they are gradually starting to get used to expressing their ideas in French. They also learn a new grammatical structure, more words and expressions.

In mid-February, my seventh grade students made a short sketch about the genocide in Rwanda to celebrate our annual Festival of Nations (FON) that took place in our school for three days, February 14 – 16, 2019.

Grade 7 students made a short drama about the genocide in Rwanda for FON

Opportunities to practice answering questions directly on the board, and french language quizzes have also made up some of the time during French class since the second semester began.

French exercises on the board…

French speaking quizzes.


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