Self-Discovery in “I am Me” Unit – EC 1 and EC 2

“I am Me” is underway in EC 1 and EC 2.  This unit allows the students to inquire into their central idea, “As I grow and change, I discover new things about who I am and what I can do.” 

Throughout this unit, the children are looking at things that make them unique, and discovering their interests and abilities. In preparation for the Festival of Nations celebrations, students had interesting conversations about the different countries from which they come.  Now, as students learn more about themselves, they are discovering more about how they are similar to and different from their friends. 

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Mirror Reflection and Body Painting

Looking at their reflection in mirrors allows students the opportunity to explore the physical features of their friends while at the same time observe facial features.  As one of our activities in the unit, students traced the shape of their body and have been working on painting the cutouts to show that they are unique human beings.  It is fascinating to see how even our youngest learners can come up with different ideas such as filling in the center with different colored paint.

EC 2A and EC 2B students work on their I Am Me self-portraits!

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