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Hello Cobras! Summer break is almost here and you will have tons of free time. Escape your current COVID-19 lockdown life by getting lost in a good book. You can go to Middle Earth, Hogwarts School, the Pacific Ocean, or any city in the world while staying in the comforts of your room. You can learn some new skills, improve those that you already have, and dream about how to use them in the future. Find a new friend in a new book, follow along in a book series, or revisit an old one in a classic that you have already read.

Ask your family members for book recommendations, chat with friends about what they love to read, or seek guidance from your teachers and other school staff. Clink on the links below to get some great book recommendations for your summer reading pleasure. Choose a book, find a comfortable place, and open your mind to another world. Or write your own book!


It is hard to believe we are in our 9th week of online learning.  We will all make it through the next couple of weeks of online learning.  I know for my family, it has been very stressful at times.  It is so easy for kids to get distracted and off task sometimes, especially when they are on a computer.  The internet can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a huge time waster.  It is very important that during these stressful times that we are taking care of ourselves. 

There are many things we can do to have good self-care.  Although the best practice is to stay home, you can seek out social connections through phone or video calls.  While it is good to stay informed about current events you should limit how much exposure you have to the news.  Focus on the things you can control, even if it is picking out something you like to wear or eat. 

Talk with friends or a trusted adult about how you are feeling, allow your children to talk with you about their concerns. Maintaining routine and structure can also help reduce stress for everyone, adults, teens, and children.  Drinking tea, watching a funny movie, listening to music, exercising are also things people find make them feel better.  I like to go on walks with my dog Luke.

Once the AP exams are over, high school students should figure out how to have an enriching summer even if they are stuck at home. There are many online courses, such as through Coursera and Khan Academy, students can take, some are even free.  The College Board has many tools to help with the university search that students can explore.  Explore a passion or hone a craft, but do not waste the summer.

As the school year comes to an end, I have many different emotions.  I am sad for the 12th graders who will not have all the traditional graduation and end of year events.  I am sad that friends who are moving away got less time to spend with each other.  I worry about the health of my family, friends, and loved ones, which includes my SIS family. 

But I also look forward to next year and seeing all the returning and new students.  I am curious to what school will “look” like, but know that are in good hands with Ms. Desfosses and it will all work out.  I am excited for my second year at SIS, and my sons’ first and last years of high school.

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