Introduction to Forces and Simple Machines

Our first grade Unit of Inquiry is How the World Works. The central idea of our unit is, “People have created and invented using their understanding of forces to make life easier.”

We are exploring the two forces of all motion, and the simple machines that allow people to lift, pull, push and rotate objects that are too large or heavy on their own.

Field Trip to TPS

Cranes, vessels and vehicles all use the forces of push and pull to move heavy containers at Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS).
First grade learning how goods are imported and exported through shipping ports around the world.

We visited Terminal Petikemas Surabaya to learn about how goods get from one country to another. We saw complex machines like cranes, vessels, trucks and lifts and learned how they incorporate simple machines to make work possible.

Students are building and working with pneumatic and hydraulic pumps to learn about the forces of motion.

Hands-On Learning with Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Currently we are working with hydraulics and pneumatics to create machines that lift and push. We look forward to continuing our exploration and building understanding of forces and the basic laws of physics throughout this unit of inquiry.

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