Leaders of Change Exploration: Unveiling Digital Creations

Before the winter break, the fifth graders were learning about leaders of change from around the world throughout history.  After researching many different people, students chose one person to focus on and learn more about.  Students learned about the lives, childhoods, and challenges of their leaders of change.  They learned about biographies and wrote a biography to share what they had learned.  

Digital Media Exploration: Unleashing Creative Possibilities

In January when students returned, they began to explore digital media with a central idea of “Anything can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, and preserved on computers.”  Students took what they had learned about their leader of change to begin thinking of a digital media piece inspired by this leader.  We focused on the line of inquiry, “Ways we use digital media to express ourselves.”  We learned about various forms of digital art, digital audio, and digital video.  

Students who explored digital audio worked with applications such as Audacity and Garage Band.  Most students chose to create a song inspired by their leader of change on Garage Band.  However, one student chose to tell the story of his leader by creating a voice over a photo using the app Puppet Edu.

Students who explored digital art looked into applications such as: Kids Art Zone, Photoshop, Google Draw, PiZap, Sandbox, and PicMonkey.  

Some students sketched portraits of their leaders and uploaded these drawings to make them digital.  Some students found websites on their own, such as PicMonkey, to create collages about their leaders.

Finally, students who explored digital video were interested in creating animations to tell the story of their leader of change.  Students in this group looked at applications such as: iMovie, Animation Desk, Sock Puppets, Toontastic, Stop Motion, and Explain Everything.  Most students chose to create videos with Toontastic or Stop Motion.  The students were quite proud of their final products!

Festival of Nations Showcase: Sharing Digital Masterpieces

Luckily, after all of their hard word, students had a venue to share their projects with others at our Festival of Nations learning expo!  The students had a great time sharing with parents, students, and community members!

If you were unable to come by the fifth grade room or would just like to explore the students’ creations a little more, click on the following link!  Have fun exploring!

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