This is a busy time in elementary music classes. Students are busy preparing for their music concert next month.  Grade five students are busy preparing for the exhibition and other classes are working on a music stand-alone units or pyp integrated units.  Our elementary students look forward to presenting their learning at our spring concert on 31 May, 2018.

Grade 5 songwriters

Grade 4 becoming familiar with GarageBand

Grade five students are busy preparing for their exhibition.  They have started writing a song connecting with their theme, “How The World Works”. This song is going to be presented at their exhibition on May 4.

This quarter the fourth graders are learning how to compose a short jingle that will be used for their media advertisement for their How We Express Ourselves unit. Students are using software from the ipads called “ Garage Band”.  This is an integrated study with technology and their classroom learning.
Students are showing responsibility as they apply  their creativity into a short song called a “jingle” which is going to be used for their media advertisement.


Finally, the second graders are focusing on “Light and Sound” as they inquiry into their “How We Express Ourselves” unit. In music class they are learning how the musical instrument sounds are created. Students are exploring “unusual “ ways to create sound using classroom instruments. They will also create their own guitars  by using old boxes and rolled toilet paper tubes. At the end of the project, while some students are playing their own guitars, others will be interpreting the music using flashlights. Their final production will be a performance with the light and sound in class.

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