Grade Three

Happy New Year from the 3rd Grade!

The Third Grade started the new year refreshed and well-rested from our vacations. We jumped right back into our routines and hit the ground running!  Our new Unit of Inquiry upon our return is Sharing the Planet.  This unit is an exploration of natural resources and the sustainability of how we use them.   At the beginning of our inquiry, we reflected on what we thought we already knew about any natural resources and our use of them.

We continued our inquiry by playing a board game named Settlers of Catan!  The game features an island filled with an unequal distribution of natural resources.  Through some luck and some purposeful decision making, the settlers (students) were required to develop the island using their natural resources to earn points.  

After each game session, the students reflected on the types, usefulness, and distribution of natural resources.  They then found information about where these natural resources may actually be found on Earth (real-life)!

Next, we look forward to applying and transferring some of what we are learning to Thailand and the Festival of Nations!

A Busy first month of the new year!

A Special Message from our Learning Support Team

Active Listening to Reduce Verbal Escalation

There are always situations where people disagree. Although conflict is a permanent part of life, how one reacts to conflict is a different matter. Recently, the SIS Staff had a training on Crisis Prevention that promotes Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). During this training, the SIS Staff practiced Empathic Listening. The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) has listed steps to actively and empathetically listen to someone who is emotionally escalated.

Empathic Listening

  1.   Be nonjudgmental
  2.   Give undivided attention
  3.   Allow silence
  4.   Use restatements to clarify
  5.   Listen for underlying messages

When an individual is emotionally escalated, they are in a crisis mode. To help ease the situation and for the individual to feel safe, we can apply Empathic Listening. The SIS Staff can provide a safe environment that allows the individual to feel cared for and gives them the private space to start to de-escalate. In a calm manner, the SIS Staff will listen without judgement, give focused attention to the situation, provide the appropriate environment, seek understanding, and build relationships with the individual. The SIS Staff is committed to provide a learning community that supports the whole child.

For further information, please contact Ms. Jodi or Ms. Dita and visit to learn more about Crisis Prevention and Empathic Listening.

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